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Sleepover for one

$36 per day

Included in this stay would be an individual kennel with doggie door access to outside, Kuranda cot or Perla dog bed, minimum of one mile long walk a day (often more), playtime with similar sized dogs, and lots of love and attention from us!

Sleepover for two

$60 per day

Included in this stay would be the same as a sleepover for one but for two dogs in the same kennel.  If you decide to have your dogs in separate kennels, they would be charged as a sleepover for one twice.

Sleepover for three

$80 per day

Included in this stay would be the same as a sleepover for one but for three dogs in the same kennel.  Don't worry, we do have a few extra large kennels made just for these situations.  Especially when the babies are larger.  

Please note, charges are by the day and not by the night.

If you have more than three dogs, please contact us.


Proof of vaccination status is required for all dogs unless written explanation from veterinarian is provided explaining why your dog is unable to have their vaccines.


To proceed with your reservation request, please complete our

Contact Us form located on the Home page or create your own account on our scheduling software by clicking button at top right of screen.

Thank you!  Hope to see you soon.

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